The GateWay Boarding Academy

We believe every youth can learn and deserves an opportunity to learn in a safe, healthy environment. We also believe that the most effective schools are those having a strong instructional leader, a focused dedicated staff, a warm, caring environment and one that uses assessment results to continuously shape the curriculum for the individual learner.

GateWay Boarding Academy, a college preparatory boarding school for at-risk male adolescents in need of a second chance to earn a high school diploma, was Incorporated in March 2015 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Using the State of Maryland's Common Core Curriculum as a foundation, the Academy provides evidence-based, individualized academic support through its after-school program in an environment that fosters respect and accountability. The residential portion of the Academy is scheduled to open in 2021. Once established, the Academy will also provide pre-apprentice training and life-skills necessary for success.

The Academic Experience

This college preparatory program is a year- around, rigorous, individualized course of instruction that exceeds State Core curriculum standards. Academic support and high expectations underscore the commitment that failure is not an option.

Personal & Employment Development

Students are provided individualized and group school and personal/family counseling in addition to life and employability skills coaching. Opportunity for pre-apprentice trade instruction is also provided.

Recreational Opportunities

A wide variety of cultural and in-door recreational activities, are balanced with opportunities for outdoor camping and competitive team and individualized sports to promote physical fitness.

Living Environment

Within a secure, caring, home-like atmosphere, the youth can relax and enjoy family meals. Individual health and dental needs are addressed and opportunities to grow Spiritually are provided.