African-American males are six times more likely to be incarcerated than white males and 2.5 times more likely than Hispanic males.

U. S. Justice Statistics, Prisoners in 2011.

If current trends continue, one of every three black American males born today can expect to go to prison in his lifetime, as can one of every six Latino males compared to one of every seventeen white males.

Mark Mauer, Addressing Racial Disparities in Incarceration, 2011.


Our community will either profit by or pay for whatever our youth become.


Our Mission

We, the GateWay Second Chance Foundation, are committed to securing necessary funding to provide the secure, stable, community-based environment so critical for academically struggling, underserved youth in need of a second chance to modify behaviors and gain the academic and life skills necessary to become contributing members of our community.

Save A Life

Extract, surround, & shield at-risk adolescent males in a safe, stable environment to learn and grow [thrive].

Restore An Opportunity

Provide a second chance to achieve success with academic and counseling support; where failure is not an option.

Keep Expectations High

Frequent monitoring of student progress undergirds supportive and individualized instructional programs.

Salvage A Future

Prepared for college, skilled in a craft, equipped with life skills and readied for a bright future.

How You Can Help


The many challenges facing our at-risk boys cannot be overcome without your support. Thank you for your help. Your donation will be used to give them a second chance.


Have a special talent or skill? Your gift of service is important, necessary and sufficient. Come share it with GateWay Youth. You’ll be glad you did!

Grant Policy

GateWay Second Chance Foundation invests resources in the Academy and other specific initiatives that complement its approach to strengthening at-risk youth, and focuses on the development of strategic partnerships to enhance the impact of its programs. Given this grant-making strategy, we regret that we are unable to review or consider unsolicited grant proposals. Events of GateWay Second Chance Foundation and partner organizations adhere to this grant policy.